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Police Respond To Creepy Noises Coming From Aussie House

Police officers have to do some pretty messed up stuff, but responding to reports of "scratching and murmuring" coming from underneath an abandoned house has to be top of the "Yeah, nah, thanks though" list.

Unfortunately for some Melbourne cops, though, they had to investigate just that after neighbours called to log concerns about strange noises coming from a rundown property in St Albans.

When responders discovered the sounds were coming from underneath the kitchen floor they called for rescue services to cut through - and found a 37-year-old woman trapped there.

She was "extremely dehydrated and incoherent" and wasn't able to explain how or when she came to be stuck under the floorboards of a dilapidated house.

But one neighbour told The Age that she saw a woman about the same age wandering around the property more than a week ago.

"Last Sunday, about midday, I saw this lady coming up the street looking in, and then she went down the laneway," the resident explained. 

"She pulled a couple [of fence palings] off. I assumed she was trying to get in.

"The firefighter said she's been there for four days, and I said, 'Mate, she's probably been there since Sunday because that's when I saw her.'"

While Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Roger Chitty admitted that the house was fully furnished and appeared to be inhabited, no-one appeared at any stage during the rescue and a second neighbour confirmed that they've never seen anyone living there.

"We've never seen anyone come or go," they said. "The curtains are never open, it's really strange.

"My kids call it the Halloween house - they're terrified of it."

Hands up who is never, ever visiting St Albans again?

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