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'Polaroid' Will Make You Never Want To Take A Selfie Again

I blame Outkast for this.

If it wasn’t for them telling us to ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’, the original instant camera may not have surged back to popularity quite so quickly and we probably wouldn’t have this movie.

    What scary movies have taught me is that vintage things, particularly dolls, are going to kill you.

    But not cameras, right?

    I mean, One Hour Photo left the cameras out of it and just concentrated on the calm-but-obsessy-unhinged photo kiosk worker (played by the late Robin Williams). It was not the camera’s fault.

    But in Polaroid, it’s the instamatic which proves to be problematic.

    High school loner, Bird Fitcher, stumbles upon a ‘vintage’ Polaroid camera (it looks like the SX-70, which was produced from 1972 to 1981).

    But, instead of doing the normal thing when you find something cool relic from the 1970s in its original form and turn, you know, full hipster, something worse happens: anyone who has their picture taken by it will pretty much die. Like violently.

    Can't wait.

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