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Plastic Licences Gone, Digital Licenses In If Baird Wins Election!

NSW could be the first state in the country to get digital licenses if Premier Mike Baird wins the March 28 poll. 

Baird is hoping to say goodbye to plastic over the next four years. The changes would apply to photo identification cards with driving, boat and fishing licenses all included. 

So rather than holding several plastic cards in your wallet, the license would instead be issued via a secure NSW government phone app. 


The government's digital council would advise the NSW government of the best way of storing and displaying the digital licenses, taking into consideration cost, security and ease of use. 

Finance and services minister Dominic Perrottet told the Daily Telegraph "Customers are doing more and more transactions on their smartphones. From cafes to banks, businesses are offering customers the opportunity to access their ­services, loyalty programs and payment systems through smartphone apps."

“There are currently over 123 different ­licence types and we issue over 2.8 million plastic cards each year, costing us tens of millions of dollars in printing," Mr Perrottet said.

This change is being supported by NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said Mr Perrottet. 

The digital council has also revealed that people who do not have a smartphone will have the option to keep their existing licence. 

There are several states in America already using E-licenses including Delaware and Iowa. 

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