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Planning On Buying Ed Sheeran Tickets Today?

Today is actually your final chance to get Ed Sheeran tickets for his Australia dates.

And this time, you won’t need a code.

This afternoon, tickets will go on sale for all of Ed’s dates and you need to be prepared!

The following times are super important;

Sydney: 6pm local time.
Melbourne: 1pm local time.
Adelaide: 3.30pm local time.
Perth: 3pm local time.
Brisbane: 2pm local time.

You will need to be logged into your ticketing site BEFORE going to buy, this varies depending on your state.

Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane; you are purchasing via TICKETEK.

Melbourne and Perth, you are buying through TICKETMASTER.

Tickets are expected to sell out very, very quickly, so it is best to have your credit card ready and make sure there is enough money on your card.. otherwise, they will be released back on sale.

During last week's pre-sale, touring company Frontier Touring, told people NOT to refresh their pages during the sale, if the system tells you that you are queueing, then you are in a queue, it will refresh when you have tickets secured. However, those tickets are only secured for a small period of time.

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