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Pete Evans UNDER FIRE For Telling Parents To Use Camel Milk

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has come under fire again after his paleo program suggested parents should feed their children camel milk.

The celeb chef is claiming camel milk is just as nutritious as breast milk.

His controversial ideas have sparked concerns with health experts who have spoken out to urge caution.

The Public Health Association of Australia said camel milk could cause kidney damage for infants because the liquid contained three times more protein than breast milk.

The program has now been accused of putting infants lives at risk for implying breastfeeding mothers to use camel milk instead of their own.

In the post on the chef's website, it said camels milk was 'expensive and a bit hard to come by but is generally safe from an immune-reactive standpoint'.

'[Camel milk] may prove useful where supplementing regular breastfeeding might be necessary, as well as a non-immune reactive dairy alternative,' the post continued.

Camel milk advocates believe the liquid is a superfood and can help a range of disorders including diabetes, autism, digestive problems and food allergies.

The claims have been dismissed with NSW Health warning mothers to only feed their children with milk or formula approved for infant use.

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