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Aussie Guy Uses His Hangover As An Excuse For STUPID Crime

Last week we read about the guy who's hangover managed to save a failing fish and chip shop, this week an Australian man's hangover is making headlines, for a very bizarre reason. 

An man from Dongara in WA has been arrested for allegedly stealing a roast chicken from his local IGA.

Dongara Police Station Sargeant Grant Rosman told Yahoo7News that the 43-year-old man is alleged to have eaten the chicken in the back of an aisle at the town's IGA and then left the bag, with the remains, behind some items on a shelf. The theft was captured on CCTV. 

The man's excuse was that he was "hungover and hungry".


The man was issued with a $500 stealing infringement notice. 

That was one EXPENSIVE hangover snack. 

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