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People Have Found A BIG Problem With Aldi

An Aldi customer has noticed something super strange about his local store’s vegetarian section.

The freezer shelf looks to be only stocked with the greatest product of them all.. Garlic bread.

Journalist Joe took to twitter to share his photo of the stock, saying “The ‘vegetarian’ section at my local aldi is literally just garlic bread and as a vegetarian, i’m very happy and here for it” (sic).

Dozens of people have responded to the tweet saying “Always wondered what I’d eat if I was vegetarian, I could do this diet.”

Another added: “I could totally be a veggie if it meant living off garlic bread.”

Joe isn’t the only person to notice, with another user snapping three freezers full of just garlic bread.

But some customers have said that it isn’t just garlic bread they can choose from.. they get a choice of whether they want it in pizzas, baguettes or traditional slice form.

Lucky people.

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