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People Are Selling Woolies Super Discs On eBay For HOW MUCH?

Forget about fidget spinners, the fad that is currently sending kids AND their parents crazy are Marvel Super Discs.

The discs are part of a Woolworths promotion where shoppers receive one disc for every $20 they spend in-store.

While it might sound like a bit of harmless fun, these small bit of plastic have become BIG business.

With some children trying to collect all 42 of the discs, parents have turned online to Gumtree and eBay to try and secure 'rare' discs.


The most sought-after disc is one featuring The Incredible Hulk, which is fetching up to a ridiculous $100.

If you want to purchase the full collection, that could cost around the $200 mark!

The discs have even become so popular that "swap groups" have sprung up all over Facebook so parents can offloading their "doubles" and "triples" in return for discs missing from their kid's collection.

Have you had to try and source 'missing' discs for your children, and if so, how much are you prepared to pay?

Let us know in the comments below.


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