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Panic Spreads After Claims Bizarre Creature Has Been Found

Malaysian police have been forced to release a statement denying the discovery of a bizarre, unidentifiable creature roaming loose at the Pahang border.

Concerned locals came forward after photos of the cat-like animal spread like wildfire across the internet accompanied by an intense story claiming the thing was being kept at a top-secret laboratory. 

The strange/ creepy creature looks like some kind of cross between a cat and a human baby, with pointed teeth and long, sharp claws.


But state police chief Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman slammed the pictures as fakes and urged people to stop spreading the false reports.

"Checks revealed the images were downloaded from the internet before it was shared on social media, claiming that the discovery was made in Pahang," he said.

"I hope the public will stop circulating news about the alleged discovery."

It's believed that the photos are that of a silicon doll made to look like a baby werewolf because obviously some people are into that sort of stuff.

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