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Owners Of Sydney Van Cop Nasty Note From Neighbours

The owners of a Winnebago parked outside of their own house have been left stunned after an anonymous neighbour put a note under the windscreen wiper complaining that the vehicle was ruining the look of the street.

Mark and Susan Hunt, from the Sydney harbourside suburb of Mosman, were shocked when they found the typed note complaining that the van, was a 'piece of sh**'


'Could you please move this piece of s*** off our road. It's an embarrassment to residents.'

Susan's mother told Daily Mail Australia, "I don't know most of the neighbours, but they're presumably very rich. What sort of people call it a piece of sh** and an embarrassment? I think it's a lovely van"

Mark has revealed that he and his family are preparing to head off on a six-month trip around Australia.

"The sooner the issue goes away the better. We're heading off tomorrow and that's it"

But in a positive twist, several fellow neighbours have taken exception to the original complaint and posted their own notes backing up the Winnebago.


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