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New Zealand is doing a nationwide Secret Santa

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving, and that is definitely the attitude being adopted by New Zealand this year.

The country is spreading holiday cheer by holding a nationwide Secret Santa, with over 2,000 people already signing up to participate.

The adorable tradition was started by Sam Elton-Waters in 2010, but is now run by self-appointed elves the New Zealand post.

The general gist of the concept is that you sign up for the Secret Santa and get matched to a Twitter user who you can then stalk to try to work out what they might like to receive for Christmas.

You then send the gift to the New Zealand Post, who will ensure it gets placed into the Christmas stocking (A.K.A. mailbox) of your Secret Santa.

Some citizens have even provided their Secret Santa with hints for the gifts they would like to receive on Twitter.

It's true, a little kindness really goes a long way.

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