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Mt Druitt Doco Under Fire For Bogan Bashing

Hear Jonesy & Amanda's reaction to the controversial trailer for Struggle Street above

Residents in the Western Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt aren’t happy about the way they've been depicted in a new taxpayer funded ‘documentary’ from the SBS called ‘Struggle Street’.

The controversial three-part series is due to air from May 6, although the promo trailer has been pulled in light of the recent backlash.

The trailer featured Sydney’s beautiful beaches of the Eastern Suburbs, before sweeping over the city to stop at sign saying ‘Mount Druitt’, the sound of a car crash and police sirens clearly audible in the background.

Scenes which were present in the approx. 2min promo trailer before it was pulled included a man farting and yelling out “drug dealers” whilst standing on his porch, as well as a woman calling her cat a "slut".

Local residents as well as the council have been campaigning against the airing of the show saying it is clearly just a mockery, and has made zero efforts to be a true documentary, failing to depict the good that the featured local residents do in the area.

About a dozen Blacktown Council garbage trucks plan to blockade SBS's Artarmon offices on Wednesday to express their anger.

The protest is backed by Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali, who has called the show "publicly funded poverty porn" that doesn't reflect life in the area.

So, whether taken completely out of context or not, will you be watching ‘Struggle Street’?

Above watch the promo that SBS has now decided to stop broadcasting

Vision via YouTube

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