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Mother & Son Narrowly Avoid Being Hit By Garbage Truck

There was a VERY close call for a mother and son when they went to cross the road in the Sydney CBD over the weekend.

The pair were at the corner of King and Sussex Streets when they were almost mowed down by a rubbish truck that was about to turn left on to Sussex Street on a green arrow.

The two are shown on a dashcam hurrying to the intersection on Saturday afternoon at 4.24pm.

It's unclear whether the pedestrian light was red, green, or flashing as green arrows and pedestrian green lights can sometimes share the right of way.

A jogger is shown crossing the intersection just before them but he was well across the road before the truck made it to the crossing. 

The truck then brakes heavily, stopping less than a metre from the visibly cowering mother and child.

Let's hope they all went and bought themselves a lottery ticket after such a close call...

Daily Mail

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