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Mother Confronted by Police for Leaving Baby in Hot Car

Sometimes we hear of stories that make us shudder so much, we can't actually believe they're real.

This story is one of those situations, as Hannah Secondi returns to her car, after shopping for an hour at Walmart, leaving her one-year-old baby locked in the car.

As she returns to her car, she realises that an ambulance is right next to her car, and the police confront her. Crying uncontrollably, she says to her other daughter that 'she forgot.'

Witnesses Chrysty Lansdowne and Jedida Bizzell spotted the girl in the car at a branch of Walmart in Talala, Oklahoma, where she had been locked inside the car for nearly an hour.

The pair immediately contacted emergency services, who turned up and freed the girl who was sweating profusely.

Court papers said the temperature in the car was up to 58°C, according to Tulsa World.

Up until today, Secondi was being held in custody, and she is due to appear in court on neglect charges while the girl is being looked after by her father.

See the distressing video below...


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