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Men Can’t Work Out Why Women Are Sharing This Meme

I'll admit that sometimes I see a meme and I don't really get why it's actually funny, but this one that was shared by a trainee cosmetologist Payton Hicks was something that I got STRAIGHT away.

It was the perfect combination of funny, simple and relatable and girls everywhere were having a bit of a chuckle about it.

But all of the men out there could not have been left more confused! After all, all they could see were two pictures side by side of a woman with slightly different curly hair and the caption, 'you vs. the girl he cheats with'.

They were so baffled that they began posting about their frustration and asking women on social media to explain, and their reactions are literally hilarious!

Luckily some kind women decided to put them out of their misery and explain what all of us girls could see that the men couldn't.

It's something that could be easily missed by the untrained eye, but there is one significant difference in the curls.

The image on the left shows luscious, bouncy waves that have been combed to perfection, while the image on the right is the curling job of an ameteur with extremely tight and stiff locks.

So basically, for those still confused, the meme is saying that the girl your man cheats with is a much lesser, untrained and outdated hair styling version of you. (Everyone let out a synchronised "oohhhhh" as you finally get it)

And if you're still one of those girls curling their hair like this...might we suggest a wide toothed comb?

Or you know if you're actually rocking this look then I guess you do you girl!

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