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Margot Kidder's Sad Final Days

In a shocking revelation, it's claimed that actress Margot Kidder spent her final days with her house over run by drug addicts who she had taken in a misguided attempt to help straighten them out. claim that the drug users had set up in the basement of her home where they were cooking methamphetamine and stealing her valuables.

Louisa Willcox who knew Kidder through her environmental activism said, 

'Margie was a real bad judge of people,'

'Towards the end I went round to help her with her medications and I couldn't read the instructions on the bottle because the ink had run.'

'She told me that was because she had to hide the pills in her bra to stop these guys stealing them.'

'They took her jewelry, her silver, anything they could get their hands on.'

'There's a famous picture of her with Jesse Jackson with their arms raised, that she had in a silver frame. I just hope that is safe — but I don't know.'

'She hadn't realized what was going on. She couldn't understand why all these strange cars were turning up at her home at odd hours of the day and night.'

Kidder, who starred alongside Christopher Reeve in the 1978 version of Superman, died in her sleep last weekend aged 69.

Another close friend, Doug Peacock said,

'Her habits were getting the better of her. She would go on benders and drink too much. From what I heard she was recovering from one of those and went to sleep and never woke up again.'

'I hauled her into rehab any number of times, most recently a couple of years ago,'

'But she never really stopped drinking. She wanted her to hang on a bit longer but that stuff catches up with you,' said. Peacock. 

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