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Man Uses Broken Washing Machine To Cover George Michael

This takes the saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' to a whole new level. 

Aaron McAvoy found a genius way to make use of his broken washing machine.. .and we never would have thought of it. 

The machine has a strong, regular beat meaning it is the PERFECT accompaniment for some classic cover tunes. 

Here's George Michael's tribute - complete with flashing lights, a photo of the man himself and of course a 'candle'. 

That not your taste? 

How about "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"?

There's something about this cover that makes us smile! 

The washer gives it such a unique feel!

Lastly, there's the always-great karaoke classic.

A little bit of 'Journey'. 

We can't get enough. 

Hopefully some more classics will come about shortly. 

What would you request? 

Beatles? AC/DC? Something more recent? 

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