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The Top Baby Names For Boys And Girls In 2019

Listen up future mums and dads!

If you’re expecting a baby in the next year you might want to take note of this list of baby names that are tipped to be the most popular for boys and girls in 2019!

Aussie website Stay At Home Mum spoke with 900,000 mums to gather the information and predict the names that are set to explode onto birth certificates in the next year and collated a list of the top 20 for both genders.

And well, according to this research, gone are the days when Jessica’s and Joshua’s flooded the classrooms. Next year the more popular names tend to be a bit more obscure and are being taken from celeb inspiration!

Whether you want to know the names because you want your own kid to be called something that’s trending or because you want to avoid the more mainstream choices, you can find the list below!

Top 20 girls names:

- Arabella (Meaning: ‘Beautiful, loving and graceful’)

- Ariana (Meaning ‘Very holy’)

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- Aubrey (Meaning: ‘Fair ruler of the little people’)

- Aurora (Meaning: This name became popular from Sleeping Beauty)

- Charlie (Meaning: ‘Man’)

- Clara (Meaning: ‘Bright or clear’)

- Cora (Meaning: ‘Maiden’)

- Danica (Meaning: ‘Morning star’)

- Evelyn (Meaning: ‘Life’)

- Everleigh (Meaning: ‘From Ever’s meadow’)

- Hadley (Meaning: ‘From the heath covered meadow’)

- Harper (Meaning: ‘Harp’) 

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- Kennedy (Meaning: ‘Head’)

- Layla (Meaning: ‘Night’)

- Lila (Meaning: ‘Beauty’)

- Luna (Meaning: ‘Moon’)

- Mila (Meaning: ‘Gracious’)

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- Pearl (Meaning: ‘pearl jewellery’)

- Perstephanie (Meaning: ‘to destroy’)

- Reign (Meaning: ‘to reign’)

- Willow (Meaning: ‘Slender’)

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Top 20 Boys Names: 

- Aiden (Meaning: ‘Little fire’)

- Atticus (Meaning: ‘Man of Attica’)

- Avery (Meaning: ‘Elf and counsel’)

- Branson (Meaning: ‘Son of Brando’)

- Bryson (Meaning: ‘Son of Brice’)

- Charlie (Meaning: ‘Man’)

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- Chase (Meaning: ‘To hunt’)

- Felix (Meaning: ‘Lucky or successful’)

- Finley (Meaning: ‘White or fair’ or ‘fair-haired warrior’)

- Grayson (Meaning: ‘The grey-haired one’)

- Hunter (Meaning: ‘To hunt one’s food’)

- Landon (Meaning: ‘Long hill’ or ‘ridge’)

- Liam (Meaning: ‘Helmet of will’)

- Louis (Meaning: ‘Warrior’)

- Orson (Meaning: ‘Bear’)

- Quinn (Meaning: ‘Descendant of Conn’)

- Sawyer (Meaning: ‘Man who cuts timber’)

- Sebastian (Meaning: ‘Revered’)

- Silas (Meaning: ‘Forest or woods’)

- Theodore (Meaning: ‘God-given’)

- Wyatt (Meaning: ‘Wide or wood’)


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