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Kevin Costner On Why His 90's Blockbusters Never Had Sequels

During the 1990's Kevin Costner starred in a string of massive films including Dances With Wolves, The Bodyguard, The Untouchables and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

And while these were huge box office bonanzas, surprisingly none of these films were given the usual Hollywood treatment and franchised out into numerous sequels.


Finally, Costner has revealed exactly why he didn't continue on with some of his most popular and critically acclaimed roles.

Speaking to Loaded, the Academy Award winner said:

“I’ve had that my whole career; talk of doing Bodyguard and Silverado and The Untouchables sequels – even if a movie is a modest hit. I’ve been asked to make almost every one of my movies again, and I thought ‘I’ve kind of done it!’”

“There would be a point if you saw a script that was really good, but to just do it because lightening stuck and you want to hit a second time? Fine, let’s see it in the writing.”

While we admire Kevin for remaining true to his craft by not trying to milk a cash cow, how amazing would it have been if there had been a Bodyguard Part 2???


Just let that thought sink in for a moment while we sing along to Whitney's hit song from the movie:

"I will always love yooooouuuu!!!!"

To paraphrase Costner himself during his infamous backstage meeting with Madonna during the 90's, a sequel (or two!) would have been kinda' "neat"


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