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Classic Aussie Comedy Kath & Kim Turn 15!

"Look at me, look at moy, look at mooooy!"

It's hard to believe it, but those foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes first appeared on the telly fifteen years ago this week!


Starring Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight, Gina Riley as her adult daughter Kim and Glenn Robbins as Kath's second husband Kel Knight, Kath & Kim was an instant hit as it highlighted a hilarious slice of Australian life that we could all relate to!

The show also starred Peter Rowsthorn playing Kim's browbeaten hubby Brett, and of course Magda Szubanski as Sharon Strzelecki, Kim's only friend who is constantly unlucky in love, and well, life in general for that matter...

The show had so many highlights it's hard to know where to start, but it's fair to say that the characters constant mangling of the English language which then entered our own vernacular highlighted just how brilliant it was.

I'm thing of Kim's aspirations when she revealed that "I don't want to be rich, I want to be effluent!" or announcing the shocking news that "my marriage is over. O-V-A-H. Over."

And then of course there was Kel.

Kath's 'metrosexual' second hubby who in between creating exotic new sausages at his butchers shop was busy keeping fit, either by engaging in some rigorous power walking with Kath...


...or shaking his thing with Kath as the pair loved to get their groove on the dancefloor at the drop of a hat!

The show was such a huge hit that a number of big names had cameos including Michael Buble, Jeffrey Rush, Shane Warne, and most famously Kylie Minogue playing a grown up version of Kimmy's daughter Epponnee-Rae!

It's hard to believe that they only made 32 episodes, the last of which screened in 2007 before returning for the film Kath & Kimderella back in 2012. 

While there's no word of bringing the show back, with Glenn Robbins already resurrecting his other beloved comedic character Russell Coight we can only hope that the 'foxy morons' make a comeback sometime soon.

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