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Karl Stefanovic Got Covered In Worms As Georgie Watched On

Following the UBERgate scandal that has rocked the team at the TODAY show, Karl Stefanovic has been covered in worms by Richard Wilkins as Georgie Gardner watched her co-host scream and squirm.

“You’re enjoying this,” Stefanovic said to his colleagues as he was covered with the wriggly worms while lying in a bathtub wearing protective goggles.

Gardner actually comforted Karl during the stunt stunt, she even offered him a hand at one point.

Eventually Karl pleads, “No! No! that’s gross ... that’s disgusting. Dickie, this is not cool! I’ve only ever been nice to you,” Stefanovic said.

Wilkins who was also criticised during the infamous Uber call appeared to enjoy pouring the “meal worms” over Stefanovic .

“Well, Karl, we’ve got some little creatures here that look ghastly,” Wilkins said. 

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