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Josh And Amy Separate During MKR Sudden Death

It appears bad boy Josh has rubbed everyone on MKR the wrong way, including his own wife, after Amy walked away from him and stood by herself during last nights Sudden Death elimination. 

Tensions reached boiling point between the West Australian couple as they watched Mell and Cyn and Court and Duncan battle to stay in the competition last night. 

Things started to escalate when Josh attacked his sparring partner Court.

Josh said to an obviously angry looking Amy:

"From a competition perspective, I would like to see Court and Duncan stay in the competition so we can verse them in Sudden Death because that's what Court wants,"

Amy was seen scolding Josh before giving him the finger.

"Josh, stop it" Amy told the self proclaimed Seafood King

"Josh, I'm out of here. I'm going to sit backstage. So annoying."

Josh continued:

"Court and Duncan were having a field day standing [here], watching us cooking that crab. It's payback, I'm just saying how it is. The only person who's actually doing that."

Court observed from the Sudden Death kitchen:

"On the sidelines, basically all of the girls and Amy were fighting with Josh."

"If you're wife's not standing here, you're doing something wrong. Otherwise she'd be backing you, so you need to stop it," Della tells Josh, as Amy continues to watch alone from a corner.

"I really don't want to stand next to him," Della added.

"I feel sorry for Amy, I always feeling f--ing sorry for Amy. She married a douche,"

Josh's behavior has been so poor that Pete and Manu have had an off-camera private chat with Josh, "as they often do with all contestants throughout the course of the series, for any number of reasons" a Seven spokesperson has confirmed.



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