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Jasmine Yarbrough Defends New Boyfriend Karl Stefanovic

After Karl Stefanovic's ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn, recently said he's 'dead to her.' Karl's new love Jasmine Yarbrough, 33, has come out in support of the Today host

Jasmine has told The Daily Telegraph how 'happy' she is with Karl and that he is 'supportive' of her, and an all-round 'great guy.'

'Karl is such an amazing, major supporter of me,' Jasmine said.

'He is such a great guy,' 

'I feel so lucky and supported. I am very happy,' 

The comments come after Cassandra spoke out last week.


'The children still have a father but I don't have a husband. He really is dead to me and no, we won't ever be friends again,'

'There were days in the beginning I would get up, put on a brave face and drop the kids at school, then I'd get to the back door and I would lie in a heap for the rest of the day unable to move - there were very dark days,'

'I was completely gazumped when I realised Karl had gone.'

'I slept on the couch in front of the fire for months because I didn't want to go near the marital bed. I was in a very dark place,' 

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