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Is This Pic Of Karl & Georgie The Most Awkward Yet???

It's been a shaky start to the year for the Today Show since Lisa Wilkinson left in spectacular style before eventually being replaced permanently by Georgie Gardner.

Since then there has been constant rumblings there is an uneasy tension between the two that was only highlighted following Karl's infamous 'UBER-gate' call recently.

Georgie and Karl have decided to send a positive message by posting a picture of the pair of them linking arms to show that they are actually getting along fine.

Posted to the Today shows official account, the co-hosts are shown with Karl grinning for the camera while Georgie is looking far from impressed.

The caption reads: 'From Kimye, to TomKat, Billary and Brangelina, some of the world's biggest duos have had blended nicknames!

However the plan to show a 'united front' backfired as the post attracted a string of negative comments, many of which were soon deleted.

It was the first time the pair had been photographed together for their Instagram account since they posed with guests Ken Sutcliffe and John Mangos almost three weeks ago.

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