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If You Loved The Nanny You're Going To LOVE This News!

Watching The Nanny was a bit of a rite of passage and, if we're being honest, stumbling on a re-run is still one of life's greatest pleasures.

But one woman has taken her love/ obsession with the show to a level we can only admire and heap praise upon, setting up an Instagram account dedicated to every single outfit Fran Fine sashayed across our television screen in.

Called What Fran Wore, it covers all of the too-tight minis, gaudy twinsets and mad dressing gowns - which, unbelievably, you can still buy.

Shanae Brown, the woman responsible for the account, explained that it wasn't until she started re-watching the show that she fell in love with the clothing and realised it was pretty much all high-end fashion. 

Always loved this Moschino outfit

A photo posted by Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) on

"There were a few blogs and articles that spoke about Fran's outfits, and a few posted about some pretty iconic Moschino pieces that she wore, but that was far as it went," Brown told PEOPLE. "I realised no-one else had tracked down her other outfits and I figured I should at least try.

"My favourite outfit is Fran's pink skirt suit with blue sequins from Rifat Ozbek. If I could actually pull off any Fran outfit, it would be her red turtleneck with the Moschino checkered skirt."

My favorite find so far: Rifat Ozbek S/S 1996

A photo posted by Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) on

And the account has some pretty incredible fans already; Brenda Cooper, The Nanny's costume designer and Peter Marc Jacobson, one of the show's creators, follow and leave comments under some of Brown's posts. 

Check it out for the single biggest trip down memory lane we've discovered in recent months, and a guaranteed giggle at the maddest 90s outfits known to man. 


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