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Unleash Your Ninja Skills At This Western Sydney Gym

The entire nation lost its collective sh!t when Australian Ninja Warrior hit television screens last year and a fever swept through households in pretty much every state.

But for every person watching in awe at the skill, strength and stamina exhibited by contestants, there was undoubtedly another three sprawled out in activewear declaring that they could do that, easy!

Well it's time for those people to put their money where their mouth is with a western Sydney gym throwing open its doors to anyone who's keen to get their ninja on.

With more than 20 obstacle courses on offer, Ninja 101 will put you through your paces without you even realising it; in between running, climbing, balancing and testing your endurance levels, you're going to get in a pretty sneaky but unbelievably hectic workout that'll wake up muscles you forgot you had.

It even doubles up as a date night option for a) any of those people who are confident enough to pull a sober option out for a first date or b) your mates, because they deserve a night out with you too.

Oh, and you can also bring the kids! Ninja 101 has two inflatable obstacles courses for the mini ninjas out there - so they can start their training early.

For more information including opening hours and prices, check out Ninja 101's Facebook page.

Probably best to leave your nunchucks at home though.

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