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HUGE Brand Announces It Is Closing ALL Its Stores

Employees at high-end fashion label Kit and Ace have been fired via social media.

The company has announced it will close all its stores across Australia and their staff were only notified via Instagram and Facebook on Thursday morning.

'Many woke up today, went to work just to find the doors were locked with a sign letting them know they were basically fired immediately,' wrote an employee in response to the company's Facebook post.

Kit and Ace’s original post read 'From the start, Kit and Ace has been about innovation. As the retail landscape changes, we're changing the way we transform your wardrobe.

'Kit and Ace will be closing its showrooms in the United States, the UK and Australia. Our Canadian showrooms will remain open.'

Australian staff members were not made aware of the changes before the social media posts went out and were left shocked when they checked their phones.

A real professional way of letting your Australian team they have NO JOBS today! Waking up to a post that says our store is closing! Zero care factor,' wrote one employee on Twitter.

'The way you have presumably treated your employees is shameful. People deserve respect, not an Instagram post to say they are out of a job,' said another social media user.

As part of the administration process, all Australian stores will close on May 4, leaving 65 local staff out of a job. 

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