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How This Couple Managed To Get A Free Wedding Is Crazy

A tight-arse groom has organised a dream wedding for his bride-to-be for just $4,000.

Ben Farina didn’t let his wife Claire Moran not have the wedding of her dreams because they couldn’t afford it.

Instead of letting money get in the way, he saved money by decorating the ception with secondhand paper flowers, asking a local busker off the street to perform the music and buying a £50 suit off ASOS.

The pair will tie the not at a $28,000 four-star venue but they won’t paying anything towards it and they even got it discounted down to $17,000.

However, each guest will have to pay $300 to enter the site, with kids being charged $100 a head.

Ben, who lives in Derbyshire in the UK, said “It might sound stingy but as a guest myself at other weddings I’ve had to fork out more than that for hotels.

“The way I see it is they’re getting a weekend away, which is basically a holiday, and we get a free wedding. It works for everyone.

“When I asked her to marry me and told her how cheap we could do it, she burst into tears and said yes."

The weeding will even start late, at 3PM, so they only have to feed the guests once, with food costing just $700.

Ben said: “We’re not looking for a really extravagant day. What matters to us is that we’ll be married and are able to celebrate our day with our friends and family.

“We bought a house last year and we have two kids to support. Spending a fortune on just one day didn’t feel right to us.

“We have better things to spend our money on and we don’t want to get into debt." Source; The Sun

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