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Ever Wondered How Long It Takes To Pass A Lego Brick?

A team of doctors swallowed Lego pieces in the name of science.

In doing this, they found out the exact time it takes for a Lego brick to journey through the body from ingestion to... downstairs evacuation.

The results of the study, also known as the Found and Retrieved Time score (FART) revealed that it takes an average of 1.71 days for a piece of Lego to pass.


"The FART score averaged 1.71 days," the study said. "There was some evidence that females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males, but this could not be statistically validated."

In conclusion they added: "This international, multicentre trial identified that small objects, such as those swallowed by children, are likely to pass in 1-3 days without complication."

One of the participants also found himself unable to locate his piece of Lego and ended up searching his poo for two weeks after swallowing it - so be aware this is something that could happen to you.

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