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Girl Puts Doll’s Eyeball Into Her Own Eye Socket

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough grossness in the world, one girl has gone and shown us that there are even more disgusting stunts to be pulled off.

For some unknown reason, a girl who decided it would be a good idea to insert a doll’s eye into her own eye socket has realised it might be an issue, you know, for her health.

The video circulating the web, shows her in an unsurprising amount of pain - who would have guessed that a doll’s eye doesn’t belong in a human eye socket?! - as she tries to remove it.

The problem is, the doll’s eye appears to be slightly larger than her eyelid can handle, but after a bit of poking and prodding, the eyeball does come out, in spectacular fashion.

Her eye is fine at the end, but by golly, our stomachs aren’t.


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