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Have We Found The Best 'Mate' In Australia?

We put the call out for a great mate, and boy did you guys come through with stories of why your buddy is best on ground.

So what did we learn?

You know when a mate has your back when they take the blame for an epic fail:

“When Schuey kicked that goal against Port I excitedly accidentally kicked and smashed his glass table and he took the blame for me from his missus.”

And there’s still love in the air:

Always there for me and currently organising his bucks party so must be doing something right lol.”

Or maybe not:

“My best mate was also my best man at the wedding; wedding is over, I still have my best mate but the wife is gone.”


They are always the voice of reason:

“They are the calming influence while I am stressing out and losing my shit at the game!”


And sometimes just a killer voice:

“Because he won karaoke singing Dolly Parton songs, he sounded exactly like her too, embarrassing because I’m a construction worker.”


A great mate knows how to really pick you up:

“My car broke down, he picked me up. Then the week after he got up earlier every morning to drop me off at work.”


And let’s not forget our furry friends:

“My best gal lets me stay at hers just so I can spend time with her dog.”

“Sends me pics of her dog to cheer me up and every other occasion.”

At the end of the day, we all want a mate like Gary:

“My mate, Gary, is best on ground because he is loyal to his team and mates and is always willing to buy the first round.”

Cheers, buddy!


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