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Harassment Outside Abortion Clinics Is Now Illegal

An Abortion clinic protest buffer zone law has passed in the Victorian Upper Hose. 

Legislation preventing protesters from coming within 150 metres of an abortion clinic has passed the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament without amendment. 

The new law makes it illegal for anti-abortion protesters to harass or film women going in or out of the clinics. 

If protesters breach the buffer zone, they could face fines or even jail time (for repeat offences). 

The Bill was originally put forward by Sex Party MP Fiona Patten and was passed in the early hours of the morning after 12 hours of debate. 

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the changes were 'long overdue'. 

"Women will no longer be able to be harassed and intimidated around abortion clinics" she said. 

Ms Hennessy said she hoped people understood that it is their right to protest on the steps of Parliament but not outside a medical clinic. 

Source: Mamamia 

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