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Guy’s Breakup Letter To His Gym Is So Damn Relatable

It’s getting to that point in the year where all of those gym memberships that were created on the 1st of January as part of a ‘new year, new me’ resolution, are becoming used less and less frequently.

If this sounds a bit like your relationship with your gym membership, seriously we don’t blame you. Life can get really busy and sometimes chucking on your activewear and driving to the gym just to make yourself feel even more exhausted is sometimes the last thing that we feel like doing.

And while we would all love to just cancel our memberships so that we can save ourselves the thirty bucks that comes out of our account each fortnight, unfortunately most exercise establishments don’t make it easy for us to quit.

But one guy who had a difficult experience while trying to get out of his gym membership has come up with an AMAZING way to get the message through to his gym.

He wrote them a detailed and heartfelt breakup letter, with all of the soppy breakup cliches that you can think of.

Robert Scucci got the idea to create his letter when his gym, Planet Fitness, told him that the only way to cancel a membership was through writing.

“Planet Fitness wouldn’t let me cancel over the phone and required a certified letter to cancel since I live in a different state now. I dropped this in the mail today, ”he wrote on Reddit alongside an image of his letter.

Literally this is pure GOLD!! And what's even better? He used the letter as a two-for-one breakup adding "PS My wife also needs to cancel her membership."

But did the breakup letter actually work? It turns out that it did, and Mr Scucci actually received a letter in response from Planet Fitness gym, addressed to their "Old flame", saying that they were sad to see him go but that they understood and respected his decision.

They finished the letter by saying that they understood that they had to set Mr Scucci free but they were also sure to add a quippy one liner, "You'll come back, they always do."

We think they handled it really well! If only all breakups went this smoothly...

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