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Groom's Response To Airline Losing Suit Will Make Your Day

What a nightmare. 

Imagine flying all the way to Iceland for your dream wedding, only to find that your luggage didn’t fly with you. In fact, a fairly key part of the wedding is missing – the groom’s suit.

Naturally you’d be pretty furious at the airline, right?

This groom has had a good sense of humour about it, taking the opportunity to call out Delta Airlines for their mistake in his official wedding photo.


Posing next to his new bride in shorts and a t-shirt, the man has etched in black marker on his shirt  “this wedding suit courtesy of Delta Airlines.” OUCH!

The suit somehow ended up in Frankfurt, Germany.

Delta Airlines have responded, saying “Unfortunately, we were not able to provide the customers with their items in time for their special day. We have reached out to them, offered an apology, and reached an amicable resolution.”

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