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Great Pyramid Of Giza Shows ‘Exact Date World Will End’

You may or may not be into predictions involving the future of our planet, but one report in particular has us curious, mainly because it’s related to the pyramids - and what a wondrous, mysterious occurrence they are.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, which were erected in the honour of the pharaohs, have produced a prediction surrounding the date our world is likely to end - and I’m afraid it’s not great news.

The Pharaohs that ruled over the Egyptian Empire were said to be fascinated by space, to the point of near obsession, according to Egyptologists.

They believed the pyramids were aligned to the planet’s solar system with hieroglyphics suggesting they made contact with ‘ancient astronauts’ who came in UFOs, whom they worshipped as Gods. I know it sounds farfetched, trust me.

It gets even more bizarre, as an ‘amateur stargazer’ has claimed to have cracked a secret code within the Great Pyramid Of Giza that foretells the end of the world.

Christian Numerologist, David Meade, studies the belief of numbers’ divine and mystical relationship with one or more coinciding events.

“Meade matched the positions of heavenly bodies with Bible verses, to work out the world will end when a giant planet called Nibiru or Planet X crashes into Earth,” the Daily Star reported.

According to his ‘detailed analysis’, Niburu will first appear in our skies’ on 23 September this year and crash into Gaia – that’s what the Ancient Greeks called Earth – sometime in October.

Meade thinks the Great Pyramid is a date marker for September 23 this year. Mark your diaries, people. (Or don’t, it could all be a load of fluff… but then again… it could NOT be).

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