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Former Sullivan's Star Susan Hannaford's Shock Interview

Former Aussie TV star Susan Hannaford has made a shock appearance on Seven’s Sunday Night program.

Hannaford, best remembered for playing Kitty Sullivan in the 1970s and ’80 is married to millionaire Emmanuel Margolin, owner of the famous El Caballo Blanco dancing horses.

Hannaford allegedly owes the Commonwealth Bank more than $4.65 million after she was evicted from her Sydney harbourside property in 2013.

Sunday Night also claim that she owes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) $1.5 million dollars.

Speaking to reporter Matt Doran, Hannaford showed him around her $9 million Hollywood mansion in Beverly Hills where she claims Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are her neighbours. 

When Doran asked her why she hadn't paid the bank back, she claimed the Commonwealth Bank was “unscrupulous”, and there was a lot of “fake news being bandied around”.

“I know what they’re (IRS) claiming, but we are in the appeals court with them right now and we’ve already settled half of this, because it’s just fake news. It’s incorrect. They made an error,”

“I’m categorically saying I do not owe them that amount of money, yes.”

Many of Hannaford’s properties were in the name of her mother Norma Parry.

According to Sunday Night Norma Parry is the current owner of the Beverly Hills mansion Hannaford lives in.

“If Norma is still alive, she is 96 years old address for her is in a place called Humble, Texas, which, strangely enough, is a car park,” Doran said.

When asked if Doran could meet her mother Norma, Hannaford fired back,  “Oh, yes, because this is such a hostile interview, let me just bring all my family down here. Let’s just bring everyone down, hostile interview,”

“Oh, you couldn’t meet ... I would not give you the time of day after this interview, because you’ve been very rude.”

Doran then asked her about her new venture where she rents out her Beverly Hills mansion for parties.

When asked about customers who claimed they were ripped of, Hannaford said: “Oh, we’ve had so many scam artists come to this place, you have no idea how many people come to the place, come to this house and don’t want to pay the rent.”

Dorna replied,“They say you are the biggest scam artist of them all.”

Hannaford hit back, saying: “Look, I’m a little Aussie girl. If you think I’m a scam artist, fine.”

“I think you can walk through. I think we’re finished anyway.”

 “I’ll just put you on notice,” she said. “Be careful what you say, because you know I do have lawyers.”

Daily Telegraph

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