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Former Big Brother Winner Is Now Legally Blind

Images: Getty/Instagram ReginaSorensen

Former Big Brother winner Reggie Bird (now known as Regina Sorensen) has revealed the heart breaking news that she is now legally blind.

Regina captured the nation's heart in 2003 with her laid back natural charm and became the first female winner of the popular reality TV show, now 13 years on the single mum uses a cane and sometimes has difficulty seeing her two kids. 

Speaking to Channel 7's The Daily Edition on Monday she said 'I've lost my peripheral vision and I've got 10 degrees of central vision left. I have no night vision'

Ms Sorensen is now campaigning so that the public are aware of the difficulties faced by the vision impaired.  


'Unless I have my cane with me people don't realise I have low vision,' she said. 'Sometimes when you get taxis, I've had taxi drivers say you're only going up the road, why can't you walk?'

Sorensen has also spoken in the past of her battle with depression as well as caring for her son Lucas who has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. 

Via Daily Mail

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