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Eerie Footage Shows 'Ghost' Leaving Body After Fatal Crash

Well this is eerie. 

A video has gone viral of a fatal motorcycle accident in Thailand - but it is what the CCTV camera picked up after the incident that caught our attention.

The tragic accident between the ute and a motorcycle killed the passenger on the bike instantly, but just seconds later a 'ghost'-like figure can be seen hovering over the deceased. 

As panic and mania surround the scene, the floating image can be seen for a number of seconds before disappearing. 


Doubters have been quick to call foul on the video, claiming it is merely photoshop.

But could this be proof of an afterlife, of a soul leaving the body of the deceased? 


What do you think? 

Watch the full video clip here - however, be warned it does contain graphic content. 

The video has been viewed over 400k times in the past fortnight. 

H/T: Daily Mail / Images: Youtube

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