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Ed Sheeran Finally Reacts To Baby Girl Who Looks Like Him!

Recently a little girl who looks BIZARRELY like Ed Sheeran would have shown up on your Facebook or Instagram.

The adorable tot’s name is Isla Walton, and she made headlines around the world after a photo of her was uploaded showing her looking like she could indeed be Ed Sheeran’s love child.

Now, Ed Sheeran has spoken out about the little girl during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Presenter Richard Arnold showed Ed the photo of Isla that went viral, saying, “This little lady is breaking hearts around the world.

You’ve seen this, right?”

“She’s not mine,” Ed joked.

“She’s not mine! It’s mad the kind of things that go viral.” Richard then asked Ed about having his OWN kids one day.

“I don’t want to be touring when I have kids,” Ed, who’s 26, explained.

“I want to be like nipping out every now and then and being able to actually be a father so yeah, I think I would definitely love kids.”

“I would definitely love all the kids in the world but I don’t want to have them right now,” he added.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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