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Do These Photos Prove There's Ghosts At The Rocks In Sydney?

The Rocks in Sydney is famously the area of Sydney that early settlers first called home, and today it is the best preserved are of the city featuring many original buildings including the hospital and umpteen houses.

It was a brutal time for the original Europeans who moved there, and as time passed The Rocks was known as a part of town that saw only the strong (and cunning survive)

Fast forward to today and many experts will tell you that as well as being the oldest, The Rocks is also the most haunted part of Sydney as well.


This picture taken on a ghost tour of The Rocks claims to show a ghostly young girl

Ghost tours through the cobblestone alleyways and creaky old houses that still stand have found compelling evidence that supernatural forces may be at work.


Wes Raddysh, from The Rocks Ghost Tours, told

“Every spot will have its story, but the first stories all belong here in The Rocks.

“A lot of them stay in the area because they’re so beholden to it. Quite a few Sydney Harbour rangers see a lot of the same ones.”

Those “ones” include a ghost that supposedly haunts resides in Merchants House, built on George Street in 1848. 


In the 1800s a rich businessman strangled his wife after finding her in bed with another man.

The woman is believed to still haunt the house and can be heard walking on the stairs.

A photo was taken last year earlier with some claiming it shows the ghostly outline of the murdered wife.

“Quite a few people have sightings of this old woman,” Mr Raddysh said.

“A lot of the rangers go there late at night but often what they see is an old lady.”

The stairs of the 19th Century house are apparently the creepiest staircase in the city.


Another area where ghosts are reported to be lurking is the Garrison Church in Millers Point.

“The Rocks is a hot spot as it is the first settlement ... many of the spirits remain here as they know no other place. They effectively lived and died right here,” Mr Raddysh added.

The Sydney Paranormal Incident Research Investigation Team known as 'SPIRIT' took this footage of a house at The Rocks after the current occupants reported extremely unusual activity in their cellar.

SPIRIT claim they detected unusual movements in the light, and team members reported feeling chest and back pain as well as dizziness while they were in the cellar...

But most bizarrely, they claim that they recorded a voice speaking directly to one of the investigators...


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