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Did You Know You Can Go JETPACKING In Western Sydney?!

Uh, sorry, were we the only ones who didn't know that you could literally fly through the air in western Sydney?

Because in Penrith, you can; tucked away off Old Castlereagh Road is Jetpack Adventures Sydney, a centre offering not just jetpacking but flyboarding, too.

What's the difference? The former consists of a water-blasting backpack while the latter gives you a board to stand on as you're shot into the sky.

"The jetpack unit blasts hundreds of litres of water through specially designed thrust nozzles to enable you to fly as high as 15 metres above the water," RedBalloon say. 

"Then come in for a break before you get on the flyboard! A water-jet powered board attached to your feet, you can soar above the water and dive under it like a dolphin!"

The sessions are available seven days a week and require no previous experience; as long as you're over 10 years of age and aren't pregnant, have a back injury or a heart condition, you can give it a red-hot go.

For prices and booking details, head along here for all the information you could possible need.

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