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Creepy Richard Branson Embarrasses Pregnant Project Host

Visiting Australia to promote his airline, billionaire Sir Richard Branson left The Project’s co-host Sarah Harris blushing last night when he appeared near the end of the show.

Harris, who recently announced she is pregnant with her second child, was almost lost for words when Branson claimed she “must have had a crush” on him.

After telling the story of how he’d bought Necker Island in a bid to impress his now-wife in 1978, Harris asked if that was also his motivation for his Virgin Galactic space travel plans, Branson replied: “Darling, when shall we go to the moon?”

He then went on.

“The last time we met was in a hangar about ten years ago and I can still remember — and she’s wearing red, lady in red ... you must have had a crush on me,” 

Was this exchange simply funny, or just a bit creepy?

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