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Apartment Sign Written In Mandarin Chinese Gets Covered Up

An apartment sign on Cliff Road in Epping written entirely in Mandarin has now been covered up with black garbage bags and tape, after it sparked controversy.

The large sign out the front of the recently completed $35 million apartment complex in Sydney's north, caused a stir after it was noticed that there was no English translation to be seen.


The developers of the five-storey apartment block say the sign and other symbolism inside the complex was designed to target Chinese investors, believing it made the building more 'spiritual'.

A spokesman defended the company's decision to leave off an English translation, 'There are lots of high ranking schools in the Epping area and that is why we put the name on the project,' John Zhang said.

'It is spiritual. It is a wish for people who stay in these apartments to have a good education. Most of the clients are local Chinese.'


Parramatta Council have launched an investigation, with one councilor labeling it 'offensive' and calling for English to be included on the sign.

'This is using our schools to sell apartments to people who do not speaking our language; it is offensive,' Cr Lorraine Wearne said.

'It really bothers me and clearly bothers residents in Epping.'

Daily Mail

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