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Coca Cola Just Launched A New Flavour & We Can't Wait To Try

Coca Cola has just launched a brand new flavour in Australia... Coca Cola GINGER!

It is an alleged mix between Ginger Beer and the Coke taste we know and love. 

The 'world first' exclusive will begin rolling out at stores today. 

It is the latest in Coke's annual Summer marketing campaign - think personalized can labels etc - that roll out every year, so don't get too invested as it is only here for a limited time. 

“How quickly it comes and goes in the market will depend on how popular it is,” Marketing Director of Coca Cola South Pacific, Lisa Winn, told

“We anticipate it will be three or four months over summer.

“Summer is our biggest sales period. Consumers love an icy-cold Coke over summer, and something like ginger, which is quite interesting and provocative and intriguing, it brings people back to our brand.”

If that's not enough, Coke Ginger has also teamed up with Snapchat - so expect a 'Coke Ginger filter' to show up in your feeds in the coming months... 


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