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Chris Hemsworth's Shows Aussie Xmas Humour On SNL

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has given Americans a lesson in Aussie humour, joking that Australia's Santa Claus is a present-eating crocodile.

The joke was made during a promo for an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, to be hosted by Hemsworth.

"Do you guys have Santa Claus in Australia?" SNL comedian Leslie Jones asked the Thor actor.

"Yeah, but he's a crocodile that eats presents and he hates kids," Hemsworth replied.

A shocked Jones then asks "is his name still Santa?"

"No his name is Crocodile Monster and he really hates kids ... it's very important to him. He hates kids," Hemsworth explained.

Leaving Jones stunned the 32-year-old then turns to the camera and exclaims "Happy Holidays" with a cheeky grin.

Hemsworth will host SNL in New York on December 12.


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