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Celeb Chef Pete Evans Supports 'Important' Anti-Vaxxer Views

My Kitchen Rules star Pete Evans has announced his support of an infamous anti-vaxxer's podcast that encourages parents to ignore medical advice.

Evans has shared a screenshot of Paul Chek's podcast 'Living 4D' to his Instagram and Facebook followers.

'One of the most important podcasts to listen to,' Evans wrote.

'Thanks @paul.chek for asking the questions that need to be asked about vaccines and medicine.'


Evans was referring to Chek's episode where he spoke to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny about the anti-vaccine movement.

Chek's claims he's a 'world-renowned expert' in kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness.

He spoke to Dr Tenpenny, one of the 'go-to experts in the anti-vaccine movement' and he used her advice with his own child.

Following his previous statements claiming he is anti-fluoride, anti-sunscreen and anti-dairy, Evans hasn't made a concrete statement about vaccination - until now.

Evans has previously invited David Avocado Wolfe, an anti-vaccine activist and flat earth believer, into his northern New South Wales home.

Miranda Kerr's mother Therese, backed Evans' stance with this public show of support.


'The truth sets us completely free, oppression and censorship doesn't,' she wrote on Evans Facebook page.

'The media will no doubt have a field day. Let them I say, and stand solid knowing you are supported and so loved.'

Ms Kerr said she hoped Facebook did not censor Evans' message, claiming that 'the tide is turning'.

'Even though there is a last ditch effort to counteract free thinking and questioning in relation to vaccines, people are waking up to the real possibilities of harm through vaccinations,' she continued.

'Choice should never be taken from us.'

However, Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Tony Bartone told Daily Mail Australia that:

'The evidence is clear and indisputable – vaccination is a remarkable public health success,'

'Celebrity chefs should stick to cooking, not spreading unproven health or medical advice.'

'When it comes to cooking, Pete Evans might be an expert, but his misinformation about vaccination is a recipe for disaster.'

'Celebrities who promote anti-vaccination viewpoints and messages need to be held to account,'

'Unfortunately, Pete Evans has a track record of spreading unproven and potentially dangerous 'health' advice.'


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