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Celeb Chef Pete Evans Strips Off At International Airport

He's made headlines in the past with his unorthodox views on diet and health, and now MKR star Pete Evans has raised eyebrows after posting a shirtless selfie.... at Dunedin Airport in New Zealand!

Evans said he 'absorbed vitamin D' in the airport car park ahead of his flight home.

The man dubbed 'Paleo Pete' by some, bizarrely decided to hang out his washing to dry at he busy airport.

In his post, Pete had this to say: 'Every moment we have the gift to be our unique self,'

'Gotta make the most of every moment. This is how I am choosing to wait for another plane at the airport that is a little delayed,'

My Wetsuit, towel and booties drying on the trolley rack as I just got out of the surf and I get an opportunity to absorb some more vitamin D from the sun before the flight by sitting on the grass in the airport car park.'

'Remember every moment we have the gift to be our unique self and have the amazing opportunity to choose how we think, love ourselves and others, what we choose to eat and drink and how to live in this moment as all we ever have is NOW and this one life,'

Pete has been in New Zealand and is believed to have been on a surfing trip.

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