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Cat-Opoly Is Like Monopoly, But Better Cause It’s With Cats

Someone out there has thought: ‘You know what Monopoly could do with more of? Cats.’

Sure, in 2013 they replaced the classic iron piece with a silver-haired feline, but one cat to a whole board full of houses just doesn’t really cut it.

To rectify this hairy situation, that someone has created Cat-Opoly, a whole board game filled with four-legged friends.

And we are thankful.

It works like this: instead of buying properties, you buy breeds which, like in Monopoly, get more expensive as you go round the board, starting with the Ocicat and ending in Persian.

Rather than buying houses, players can buy litter boxes (though why a cat needs more than one litter box remains a mystery to us) and then trade them in for fish bones.

You also get to play with adorable cat related pieces from yarn to sardines.

For those of you who are thinking cats are nice and everything but they have nothing on dogs, the makers of the game have also created Pug-Opoly.

Yeah, a whole board game about pugs.

Now our biggest problem of the festive season is which one to buy for Christmas Day.

Which is not a bad problem to have really, because both are awesome 



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