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Can You Spot The Out Of Place Item In THIS Ad?!

There has been A LOT of talk about the ‘fake tradie’ who features in the new advertisement for the liberal party.

The tradie in the video has been accused of not being a real tradie. However, when tracked down, it became clear that the man in the ad was genuinely a real-life tradie, not an actor, as thought by many, But that doesn’t stop people from trying to seek out holes in his story.

Many have been quick to point out he is wearing what appears to be a luxury TAG Heuer timepiece valued at $7,250.

Some said it could also be a Tiffany & Co or Rolex watch! An image posted by Facebook page ALP Spicy Meme Stash and shared over Twitter accused the man in a high-vis vest of wearing the expensive watch, as well as a $139 Prouds bracelet. 'Perhaps he negatively geared the watch?' one joked on Twitter.

'His watch is pretty much half of my yearly earnings!' another said. Others said it was against regulation to wear jewellery on site as it could become stuck in machinery and pose a danger to workers.

Unskilled labourers can earn upwards of $150,000, Huffington Post pointed out.

What do you think? Totally fine, or error of judgement?

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