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Bride-To-Be KILLED Before Her Wedding By Jealous Stalke

A bride-to-be has been strangled and had her mouth taped shut at her North Caroline apartment just before the home was set on fire, according to an autopsy.

Amanda Strous, 27, had suffered massive burns and blunt force injuries before she died on June 18.

Strous was a counsellor at a Community College and was found alive in the burning house, wearing only bikini bottoms and her mouth covered with duct tape.

She was taken to hospital but died from her injuries.

A rape kit was performed on her and was turned over to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

It quickly lead to the to the arrest and charging of Matthew Thomas Benner, who lived in the same apartment complex as Strous and had been stalking her.

Banner fled North Caroline after Strous died but authorities have confirmed he confessed the crime, two days after he was found in Las Vegas.

Police are not aware if the pair knew each other, but a neighbour believed they had been arguing loudly earlier in the year.

Strous was set to marry her fiancé, Cory McLeaf on July 30. On the night of the attack, he was at his stags night.

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